International Gratuity

The Currency below is outlined in British Pounds, since I spend most of my spare time and travels in London. Reach out to request alternate prices for your local currency, if needed. One hour dates are limited and will be based on availability. Higher priority will be given to those who book longer dates and extensions.

1 Hour: £400 (GBP)
90 Minutes: £550 (GBP)
2 Hours: £700 (GBP)
3 Hours: £900 (GBP)
4 Hours: £1200 (GBP)
Overnight: £2000 (GBP)

Additional Hours: £200 (GBP)
A Deposit is required for all dates.
*I am accepting longer engagements, but note booking arrangements need to be placed 48 hours in advance.

  "“there's nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.”
~Brad Meltzer


Nomadic Gem

Fly Me To You

Traveling in my eyes is another form of self exploration and self- expression. Everything from the many different cultures you see, hear, or read about is an exciting thing to discover with someone who can make a destination more than just a journey but euphoric experience.  Airfare, transportation, and accommodations are separate from my rate. To arrange our getaway, I require a 50% deposit + travel accommodations handled in order to confirm travel dates. Travel accommodations (flight and hotel) are not included in the deposit. *Rates below are not limited to just the United States, but International.

Rates in your local currency available upon request .

International  Package (US to Anywhere):
(48 Hour Minimum: Private, First or Business Class Flights Only)
2 Days: $10,000
3 Days: $15,000
4 days: $20,000

Domestic Packages:
(4-hour Minimum: First or Business Class Flights Only)

4 hours: $2,500
5 Hours: $3,500
6 Hours: $5,000
Overnight: $8,000