Za'Vae Evans

International & Cherised Inamorata


I thoroughly appreciate you stopping by. You must be exhausted from your search of finding me, but at last, I am here, the mirage that many can’t believe, is actually real. Perhaps we can make up for the lost time in a corner booth over champagne and candlelight, stolen kisses, and a leisurely walk feeling the possibilities of the night air. If this has intrigued you, I honestly can’t wait to see what the stars have aligned for us.

I am the essence of poise, femininity, and playfulness with a siren personality. I am a statuesque standing at 5’7 with succulent lips, sterling hazel-grey eyes, and velvety soft skin that melts at the touch. Life is an adventure, an exploration, and always a story to share. Therefore, I enjoy learning not just educational even with a background in Global Leadership, International Business & Culture, but what it has to offer. I have a passion for immersing myself in Cultures, Global Politics, Psychology, Art, Independent Films, and Investments.

I feel we have so much to explore with each other and I can’t wait until we’re both ingratiatingly inside each other’s body and soul. Please note you have been warned, you’ll always want more.

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