How do you Pronounce Your name? Does it have any meaning? it’s very exotic.

My name is pronounced Zha-Vay, the Zha makes a similar pronunciation as the ending of the word Taj, but with a Z if that helps any. So it’s definitely not Zah-Vay, but Zha- Vay. It means Powerful and Enchantment, it’s origin is Persian and French.

do you have any piercings or tattoos?

The only piercing I have are my ears. As for any tattoos I have one on my left shoulder of the famous Audrey Hepburn in her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Do you offer same day appointments?

Only to my regular lovers and possibly to those I have encountered at least twice within a 6 month period. Since screening takes time, I won’t be able to offer same day appointments to those who are inquiring my services. My apologies for any inconveniences.

What do you believe the world needs more of today?

Love, all this world needs today is a little more love and compassion.
“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop..”- Mother Teresa

Are Deposits refundable? May I use it for another date?

Deposits give me peace of mind and shows that you are serious about meeting. All deposits are non-refundable unless I cancel. Using the deposit within 7 days from the originally scheduled date is fine when rescheduling. After a week your deposit can longer be used. If the cancellation fee is not paid, I will have to decline future dates and references. Please further read the cancellation policy on the contact page for more information.

Do You see couples? do you only see men?

My clientele at this time are strictly men, trans, and women. Unfortunately no couples.

Why are most of your photos in black & White?

I love the aesthetic of black & white photos. I feel you capture a person's true soul in B&W vs color.  I do have color versions of most of my pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Often I switch it up and add a pop of color to my website. Fun Fact: My favorite Decade is The Roaring 20’s. I’ll love you forever if you take me to any speakeasy or 20’s themed restaurant or party.

Do you accept Fly Me to You, Non Disclosures, and Extended or Exclusive Arrangements? 

I accept all of the above. I have no issues signing a non-disclosure agreement as I pride myself on being discreet and expect the same courtesy from my clients. If you have any documents that you would like to be signed, just send it right along with your booking information to my email or booking form. Information on Extended or Exclusive arrangements are a subjective matter and will depend on what the expectations are for the arrangement. The starting rate for an exclusive arrangement can go from 10k all the way to 30k a month.

Are you Kink friendly?Do you offer bdsm?

I am very kink friendly. I will soon offer BDSM, however it will have its own website since I am separating my companionship from being a Mistress/Submissive. If you would like more information, follow my femdom page on Twitter @DominaElora. Thank you for your patience.